5 DIY Christmas Crafts, Ornaments and Decorations

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Five DIY Tutorials:  Christmas Ornaments, Decorations, Crafts

I love making Christmas ornaments and decorations but since I am a jeweler I rarely get to make them before Christmas. The following tutorials are super easy and quick enough for the busy holidays! Just click on the link or photo to take you to the tutorial.

1) DIY Wreath Ornaments  made from wired twine and little pine cones:

wreath ornamants DIY Wreath ornaments


2)  Paper Straw Wreath  Simple wreath made from paper straws:

paper straw wreath Simple paper straw wreath

3)  Recycled paper ornaments  made from old Christmas cards, sheet music and catalogs using a scalloped paper punch:

paper ornaments Recycled paper ornaments

4) DIY Decoupage Ornaments  made from old sheet music and glitter:

sheet music ornaments Sheet music ornaments

5) Gift wrapping  ideas, packing using recycled Christmas cars, papers using scallop punches:

gift wrapping ideas paper punch “bows”

For more Christmas decorating ideas follow my Pinterest boards: Christmas…

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