VICENZAORO 2014. The Boutique Show

VICENZAORO 2014. The Boutique Show

VICENZAORO is back looking at the use and consumption of jewellery, launching an innovative concept – The Boutique Show – created from indepth research into the new scenarios concerning global jewellery production and retail. This new expo format makes it possible to satisfy the more dynamic needs of international demand, while allowing the best possible interaction with supply. The Boutique Show wants to be a clear platform to direct buyers, retailers, distribution chains and concept stores.  The actual concept is based on the division of supply and demand into similar business communities. According to reference values, position, organisation systems, production types and overall image, businesses can find a coordinated structure in which to capitalise on their distinguishing features.  During VICENZAORO Spring, Fiera di Vicenza will be presenting its layout project for January 2015 at the launch of the VICENZAORO The Boutique Show project. Layouts will be on show to the public at an exhibtion on the stage in Pavilion 1.



One response to “VICENZAORO 2014. The Boutique Show

  1. اشرف العبسي

    I think it will be great show

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