The Best Dressed Women of 2013

The Best Dressed Women of 2013

In making our list of the Best Dressed of 2013, we try to hit every category that stood out this year: the red-carpet queen, the enfant terrible, the aristo-boho, the rule-breaker, the sultry French girl. We’ve got our bases covered—it’s up to you whose style you aspire toward.

Cate Blanchett
No matter the occasion, the Blue Jasmine star greets the red carpet triumphant, always nailing the daunting combination of fashion-forward and timeless elegance.

The pop queen is a sartorial volcano liable to erupt at any moment in the most fabulous anytime-anywhere ensembles imaginable. She laughs at the phrase dress code, opting for maned and sequined Tom Ford or printed Christopher Kane sweats for a sidewalk jaunt.

Miranda Kerr
If you thought Gisele’s breastfeeding/grooming Instagram was envy-inducing, just take a look at Miranda Kerr in five-inch stilettos, perfectly coiffed hair, with little Flynn perched on her Isabel Marant–clad hip. Street-style Barbie in the absolute best way, the Aussie model makes even a mundane outing look like the most glamorous milk run in history.

Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea
The graphic designer and art director is a master at styling herself in a mélange of arts-and-crafts finds from her native Argentina, paired with Rodarte showstoppers and Mary Katrantzou prints.

Lily Collins
This year’s ingénue-on-the-rise defied typical starlet stereotypes and styled herself with impressive range, from bedhead and slip dress to graphic cutouts, all pulled together by a consistent air of confidence.

Stella McCartney
The down-to-earth designer who also cares about the earth and looks flawless all the while. Whether receiving her OBE from the Queen, presenting a new collection, or chaperoning her brood, McCartney dresses the way every smart, working mother aspires to.

Lea Seydoux
The young star of Blue Is the Warmest Color possesses that unnamable Gallic je ne sais quoi in both her performances and her offscreen style. She adds insouciance to Louis Vuitton sequins and meets President Hollande with a scarf artfully knotted at her neck.

Cara Delevingne
Fashion’s enfant terrible is more Terry Richardson than the models he shoots when it comes to her off-the-runway ensembles. No sleek monochrome or doleful pouts here, the cheeky model of the moment puts the belle in rebel.

Kerry Washington
The Scandal star is the way American women dream of dressing. Whether in flirty little frocks or romantic red-carpet confections, she is every woman’s aspirational ideal.

Eugenie Niarchos
She’s aristo-boho’s chicest ambassadress: the jewelry designer is a front-row fixture during all the Paris Fashion Week shows, tousling up her Valentino or Giambattista Valli with Yulia Tymoshenko braids, a coy smile, and, of course, self-designed jewels.



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